Best investment is a guaranteed investment

The Best Investment You’ve Never Heard Of: Reclaiming Overpaid Taxes

If you’re in the world of investments, you’re on the lookout for the best investment possible.  That golden opportunity that promises high returns with minimal risk, in other words, a GUARANTEED investment.

Imagine being presented with an investment opportunity that guarantees a staggering 400-1000% return in just a single year. Sounds too good to be true, right? But what if I told you that such an opportunity exists, and it’s right under your nose?

A guaranteed investment?

The Investment Everyone Overlooks

If I were to tell you about an investment that could guarantee such high returns, you’d probably think I was talking about some high-risk, volatile stock or a startup company. But I’m not. I’m talking about an investment that every business owner has access to but often overlooks: reclaiming overpaid taxes.

In another blog we highlighted a shocking statistic: a whopping 93% of businesses overpay on their taxes. What’s even more surprising is that a significant number of these businesses qualify for Tax Credits they never claim. These credits are retroactive, meaning there’s money just waiting to be claimed.

The Current Economic Landscape

We’re living in tumultuous economic times. With rising interest rates and inflation, traditional investment avenues like the stock market have become unpredictable. While it’s true that investing in the S&P has averaged a 10% return over the past six decades, this figure can be misleading. Year-to-year fluctuations mean that returns can vary widely.

Your financial advisor will probably recommend diversifying investments by putting money into “safer” assets like real estate or gold. However, these assets come with their own set of challenges. Gold, for instance, is not the easiest asset to transact with. Real estate, on the other hand, is not immune to market crashes, as we saw between 2009-2011.

In essence, all investments come with a degree of risk. It requires a combination of education, research, and sometimes a bit of luck to ensure you’re making sound investment decisions.

A guaranteed investment?

The Zero-Risk Investment

But what if there was an investment that came with zero risk and guaranteed high returns? Reclaiming overpaid taxes is precisely that. Dr. Dennis Buckley, a satisfied client, shared his experience, stating, “My experience with Quartermaster exceeded all expectations! We secured nearly $30,000 of unclaimed tax credits returned as rebates.” That’s $30,000 with absolutely no risk involved.

The process is straightforward. Once you determine your eligibility, it’s a matter of claiming the money that the IRS owes you. Believe it or not, the IRS is quite efficient at returning money, almost as efficient as they are at collecting it.

The Path to Reclaiming Your Money

  1. Eligibility Check: The first step is to determine if you’re eligible for these tax credits. This involves a free consultation where your business’s eligibility is assessed. If you qualify, you move on to the next step. If not, you’ve only spent a few minutes of your time.
  1. In-depth Scrutiny: This step is crucial. Every record, every transaction is meticulously examined to ensure that you claim the maximum possible rebate. Precision is the key here.
  1. Documentation: A successful claim is built on robust documentation. Every piece of evidence that supports your claim is gathered and organized, ensuring that your case is watertight.
  1. Claim Submission: With all the evidence in place, the claim is submitted. The goal is to ensure that every penny that’s rightfully yours is reclaimed.


Reclaiming overpaid taxes isn’t about wishful thinking. It’s about securing what’s rightfully yours. If you’re a business owner, there’s a high likelihood that you qualify for a Section 41 Credit. Shockingly, 70% of eligible businesses don’t claim this credit.

Are you ready to see if you qualify? Are you ready to make what could potentially be the best investment decision of your life? If so, schedule a free consultation today by clicking HERE. Remember, it’s not just about reclaiming what’s owed to you; it’s about ensuring that you maximize your investments and secure your financial future.

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