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The Average Tax Rebate Amount We Get For Our Clients

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Medical & Health Clinics

We’ve Recovered Over $10 million in Tax Overpayments for Businesses in Multiple Industries

Over Hundreds of Clients Have Received Tax Rebates.


Some tax rebate checks have been over $100,000.

We’ll find you more than $10,000 in tax rebates—GUARANTEED.

Don’t let the IRS keep your hard-earned money!

*There is a limited window of time to get IRS tax rebates from previous years.*

The Benefits of Working With Quartermaster

No Hassle

We do all the work and handle the entire recovery process to ensure you get the maximum amount.

Minimized Risk

A specialized tax attorney reviews every case to reduce your risk as much as possible.

Save 30% Year After Year

We can reduce your future tax liability by monitoring tax laws changes and finding you boatloads of savings.

Keep Your CPA

Our tax specialists team up with your CPA to create an elite financial unit and protect your assets.

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