Quartermaster Tax Management

Most Businesses Have
Overpaid Their Taxes.

We can review up to three years of returns and help you get that money back. The average rebate check is $23,412 and some rebates have been over $100,000.

Recover Past Tax Deductions

Overlooking the unique tax deductions available to business owners and medical professionals can result in tens of thousands of dollars in lost annual revenue. 

Get your FREE Tax Rebate Estimate to learn how much money is owed to you. If we don’t find anything, you don’t pay. There’s no obligation to learn if you qualify.


Some rebates have been over $100,000

Reduce Your Future Tax Liability

Save 30% to 50% Year After Year.

Together, we’ll design a proactive tax plan to help you navigate the rough waters ahead. You can keep your standard of living and you can keep your CPA.

Who We Work With

Business Owners

Chiropractors & Healthcare Providers


The3-Step Tax Reduction Process

Stop Overpaying on Your Taxes and Get Rebates

Save 30% to 50%
Year After Year.​

Maximize Your Business Profits

Reduce fiscal waste with a Quartermaster CFO

We offer financial management services for business owners, chiropractors, and healthcare providers. We help you get in control of your finances so you can have peace of mind and stability in an uncertain future.

Avoid The Three Common Financial Mistakes

Improper Resource Allocation

Failure to Reinvest

Poor Cash Flow Management

Client Results​

We’ve helped hundreds of businesses across the nation.
These are some of their stories.

Jeff Cook was able to put back 10 times more money into retirement annually than he was before.

Bill Haupt saved at least 50% on his annual taxes.

Dr. Philip saved at least 60% on his annual taxes.

About Us

We are a dedicated team of people who work with hundreds of investors that want to create a legacy of transformed lives. We help them accomplish their goals without sacrificing returns through values-based investments.


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