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We get you back an average of $30,000 the FIRST YEAR

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The Tax Code is confusing and most businesses focus on staying compliant so they don’t get the IRS coming after them. Unfortunately, this means that most businesses also MISS many deductions and credits they qualify for!

Our expertise in the industries of fencing, welding and manufacturing allows us to pinpoint areas of your practice that are eligible for these special tax credits. 

We can help you get tax overpayments dating back 3 years. Some fencers we’ve worked with have received an IRS Tax Rebate Check over 6 figures! 

Imagine how big your check could be if you overpaid your taxes for the last 3 years… 

Wouldn’t that be worth a 30-min call to you?

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Manufacturer Tax Credit Examples

Section 41 Research & Development (R&D)

Cost Segregation

WOTC Hiring Credits

What would you be able to improve with more money for your company?

Find out for FREE how much money the IRS owes you.

We recovered over $40,000,000 in tax money for people just like YOU.

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We’ve conducted 1,000s of Tax Rebates Have Been Completed With NO AUDITS

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We’ve Helped 1,000s of Fencers Recover Their Overpayments

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Over 1,000s Tax Rebates Have Been Completed With NO AUDITS

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We’ve Helped 1000s Chiropractors Recover Their Overpayments

*If we can’t find you at least $10,000, we’ll pay you $100 for your time.

Let Our Past Successes Tell You Their Stories

You Could Be Saving $1000s More Every Year

Along with recovering past overpayments, we also work with you and your CPA to build a plan going FORWARD. With our expertise we’ll make sure you are maximizing your tax savings year after year.

A Cash Boost for Your Business

Schedule a call and we’ll find out if your business qualifies. Once you qualify, we take care of everything from the paperwork to filing with the IRS.

6 Key Benefits

IRS rebate checks are non-taxable income

Recover tax credits dating back 3 years

Quartermaster works with your CPA

Exercise your legal right to more tax savings

Former IRS Tax Attorney reviews all cases

We help you avoid overpaying in the future

If you don’t save on taxes, you don’t pay.

We’ll work with your CPA to provide guidance on rewarding tax reductions.

Our tax strategies are specifically designed for chiropractors.

Why Doesn’t My CPA Know About This?

Many CPAs aren’t aware of these unique tax strategies because most focus on general compliance and tax preparation. Quartermaster specializes in finding tax credits applicable to the chiropractic industry.

Who Qualifies For These Tax Credits?

If you make more than $100,000/year, there’s a good chance the IRS owes you money. Below are some other questions to consider…

Did your business develop or improve a process, product or technique?

Does your business rely on physical science or engineering?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, we can help you IMMEDIATELY.

The Process is Fast and Easy

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Complete a 30-40 min tax study

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