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Most Dental Labs Overpay Tens of Thousands of Dollars in Taxes

We help you recover the maximum amount of your overpayments and reduce your future tax liability.

We've found and delivered over $40,000,000 in tax overpayments since 2021.

Many rebates have been in the $100,000s of thousands of dollars.

A North Carolina Lab received an ASTOUNDING $896,216!

Another Lab in California received $433,352!

Even much, much smaller labs, like one in Florida, received $10,000!

How much is your lab owed? Find out for FREE.

Our Experience Pays Dividends

We’ve spent the last five years helping business owners recover tax overpayments and reduce their future tax liability.

Our expertise in these government-mandated programs can help you recover tax overpayments dating back three years.

Think about how much you paid in taxes over the past three years. Now, imagine the amount of your tax rebate check. 

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The Benefits Will Make You Smile

We take care of EVERYTHING

IRS rebate checks are non-taxable income

Quartermaster works with your CPA

Former IRS Tax Attorney reviews all cases

We build a tax reduction plan to help you avoid future overpayments

Who Qualifies For These Tax Credits?

If you make more than $100,000/year, there’s a good chance the IRS owes you money. Below are some other questions to consider…

Did your practice or lab develop or improve a process or equipment to assist patients?

Does your practice or lab use physical science or engineering?

Is at least 30% of your time spent working on or creating custom treatment plans?

Do you have W2 employees? The more the better, but you can still qualify if it's only you.

If you answered YES to any of these questions…

…we need to talk ASAP.

Why Doesn’t My CPA Know About This?

Many CPAs focus mainly on general compliance and tax preparation.

Quartermaster specializes in finding unique tax credits applicable to dental professionals.

Dental Tax Credit Examples

Section 41 Research & Development (R&D)

Cost Segregation

WOTC Hiring Credits

The Process is Fast and Easy

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Complete a 30-40 min tax study

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These Government Programs Will End Soon

There is a limited window to get these IRS tax rebates from previous years. Don’t sit on this opportunity. You could miss out on a tax rebate check worth tens of thousands of dollars.

This is YOUR MONEY. Let’s go get it.

Our Tax Reduction Plans Save You 30% or More Year After Year

Since 2021, we’ve helped business owners find over $40 million in tax savings opportunities. 

Continuing to overpay on your taxes can hurt your business and prevent it from growing. 

Our proactive tax reduction plans take advantage of every tax-saving opportunity for the dental industry. Schedule a call today and we’ll create a personalized tax reduction plan to ensure you never overpay on your taxes.

If you don’t save on taxes, you don’t pay.

We’ll work with your CPA to provide guidance on rewarding tax reductions.

We design tax strategies specifically for dentists and dental labs.

We want you to keep your hard-earned money.

We want you to invest in your future.

Together, we can make that happen.

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