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Anesthesia Groups could Be Overpaying Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in Taxes Each Year

Special IRS tax credits for Anesthesiologists  can be applied to reclaim these tax overpayments for up to 3 years. Your rebate check could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars or more!

The process of claiming R&D tax credits, amending past tax returns and recovering overpayments can be complex. Some business owners may think it’s not even worth the time and effort. 

When you work with Quartermaster, we take care of the entire process. 

You don’t have to do a thing but sit back, relax and wait for your check. 

It’s our priority to get back every cent the IRS owes you.

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Eligible Anesthesia Groups Have the Potential To Get Back Thousands in Tax Credits

We see credits that range from $10,000 - $30,000 per doctor in a group practice and beyond

Certain R&D activities and expenses make anesthesia groups eligible to receive special tax credits. Several factors play a role in the specific amount a company can claim. 

One of the best attributes of the R&D credit is that it can be claimed for up to three years. That means if a medical group has never taken advantage of the credit, they are able to go back to the last three years and claim it. 

This results in cash in hand from the IRS for the full credits and interest.

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What Types of Business Activities Qualify For These R&D Tax Credits?

A broad range of R&D expenses can make your anesthesia groups eligible for these special tax credits. 

You’ll find some examples below of potentially qualifying R&D activities.

You can also schedule a FREE Tax Study and we’ll let you know if you qualify right over the phone.

Potential Anesthesia Tax Credit Examples

The most common qualifying activities for doctors are new patient diagnostics, care plan creation, and returning patient re-evaluations. There are many specialized modalities and techniques that may qualify for the credit as well. 

These qualifying activities legally entitle anesthesia groups to utilize this credit. The amount of time spent on the activities throughout the year by doctors and their staff turn into dedications based on the wages paid to those employees.

New Patient Diagnostics

Care Plan Creation

Returning Patient Re-Evaluations

Why Doesn’t My CPA Know About These Tax Credits?

We study these different types of tax laws on a regular basis to gain a deep understanding of them. 

With this knowledge, we can educate your team about existing or future tax credits so never miss out.

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The money you save with our tax reduction strategies provides reinvestment opportunities or could put cash in your pocket.

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